How To Start A Business For An Employee

10 Tips On How To Start A Business For An Employee
Having a side business is a dream for most employees. But how to start a side business is still a complicated problem for some people. The difficulty of finding the right business model, the limitation of spare time, the need for capital, and various other problems make an employee never start a business he wants to run.

The toughest thing about doing business is to get started. Just like a baby, you need to give attention and encouragement so that he will learn and walk. Therefore, Financializing will try to share a few tips that you may learn in starting / running your business while still working.

10 Tips On How To Start A Business For An Employee

1. Prepare the business model

Before starting a business, you need to make product planning to be right on target and easy to set the direction of the business. Business model can be described by a scheme. There are now various forms of business model schemes but for today's most popular business model is the updated canvas business model known as 'Lean Canvas'.

Lean Canvas Model For Startup
Lean Canvas Model

Lean Canvas consists of 9 columns, among others:
- Problems: It is the subject matter that you want to solve through the product you create
- Solution: A collection of solutions to the problems that occur
- Primary Key: The target you need to achieve to meet the solution
- Cost Structure: The amount of fees you need to get the primary key
- Unfair Advantages: It is a tool your competitors may not have as special machines or other sources.
- Media: How your product will be marketed
- Buyer's Target: The potential customer you are targeting
- Revenue Flows: How much of an income estimate you can get after meeting all the targets
- Value Uniqueness: Is your business advantages compared to competitors

2. Ensure your employment contract and register your business

You need to review your contract of work against the company. In the employment contract there are several points that may limit the business that you can run such as a Corporate Regulation stating that employees are prohibited from establishing a business that is in line with the company's business, or the Company's intellectual property rights regulations. As a result of breach of these rules could have an impact on your dismissal. In addition, to strengthen your business entity from the dispute with the company where you are sheltering, you should enroll your business legally.

3. Looking for delegation

Finding someone who can be trusted to manage your business is not an easy matter. But this should not be an obstacle for you. It's a good idea to try delegating your business to someone and reviewing his performance. Just like looking for a life partner, you need to find and try to connect to find out carefully your compatibility with the candidate, such as your best friend, close family, or acquaintance.

4. Get a customer experience

Voice from customers is your golden opportunity to improve the quality of your products and services. Some of the methods you can do to gain customer experience include creating surveys, providing free trial products, or approaching customers for information and personal bonding.

5. Determine innovation and target

In starting a business, you are required to continue to grow and be responsible for your products to customers. You must continue to set targets within a certain time range so that your business movement is sure and able to compete with competitors.

6. Don't count too much

Sacrifice your little income to meet business needs. Starting a business requires totality and quite a lot of sacrifices. Making a mature calculation is necessary, but there will always be unexpected needs and you should be prepared for it.

7. Build relationships

While you are still in the scope of work, you still meet a lot of people in your current job. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand your relationship while promoting your business. You will never know that a small relationship you make with others will have a big impact on your business.

8. Believe me, you do not need an investor

Limited capital is one of the obstacles that many people complain about. But try to start your business with as little capital as possible, this is to educate you in the face of financial problems someday. If you can manage your business with little capital, then if one day your business gets a shock it will not surprise you.

9. Working nights and weekends

"Time" is your most valuable resource. When you're busy all day with your work, try to review how your business is running today. Use your weekend time to jump in your business so you really understand your business trip and what you need to provide support. You can also understand which direction your business should grow and limit some unnecessary things.

10. Acting like a big company

Even though your company only consists of 1-2 people, but your customers do not know it, all they want is your product. Then give the best service to them. Create a professional impression by forming a business website, showing your business location through Google My Business, organizing meetings, etc. Really, impression is matter for your business growth.

The last thing you do is to 'Resign', quit your job and start fully into the business you are in. Once you go through all the steps above, the only thing you need to do is focus entirely on developing your business. For some time maybe your income in business is not worth the wages you get from the company yet. But you already have a view of how your business will run and grow later.

How To Win Business Competition With These 5 Things

Business competition will always be there, then it takes the right strategy to deal with business competition in a sporty manner. With the growing human population, the demand for necessities of life will continue to increase accompanied by new entrepreneurs from the younger generation to retirees who want to continue working for the community. Of course it will make business competition more competitive. Even today in the news we see anarchist behavior, boycotts, spreading lies, and other dirty ways just to win a business competition.

Time will keep spinning and the change is sure to happen. This is the trigger for such negative actions because they are lulled by what they do from time to time until they forget that someday there will be a generation that will update their product. Anarchist attitudes and negative impressions will only aggravate the image and degrade the moral value of the business that is built, so that the business of the anarchist will fall.

So, what is the best way to face business competition? To deal with business competition, you should take appropriate and wise steps.

Here are 5 strategies to win the business competition that you should do:

1. Do not panic and pay attention to opportunities

The main thing is to try to stay calm so that our decisions will be really a right step, not with emotion or even illegal way. It's time for you to open up all the senses you have and look for a gap for you to fill. Believe that any movement will inevitably lead to a gap and that is what you are looking for. You can take advantage of some features that are now available like using Google My Business or by creating a website so people can find your business, so you are one level above competitors.

2. Innovate knows no boundaries

Once you find a gap, it's time to change by creating a new buzz. You can change your current habits or create new opportunities to support the business you've run. An innovation does not have to be something that has never existed, but you can also innovate by improving service or delivering a new atmosphere to customers without losing your trademark. Remember to update your products, as changes will always be present and must be accompanied by innovation.

3. Have advantages over competitors

The only thing that can keep your business alive is the advantages that your product has. Find the right target market for your business, pay attention to the level of competition, show your product excellence to the public. Provide convenience for customers, everyone likes ease and friendliness. Make sure your customers feel very satisfied with your products and services. It is thus certain that your customers will never leave your product.

4. Dare to make decisions

It's a difficult thing to change, because that means you have to adjust to the new environment, new rules, new habits. But you need to remember, to survive you are faced with two choices, change or sink in time. Dare to take a decision does not mean to do it carelessly, but you have to think about it well. You may have a bit of a hassle to get started, there will always be trial and error, but from your courage to try new experiences will make you understand the weakness of the product and understand how to overcome it.

5. Take criticism and advice from customers

Customer Is everything, never disappoint your customers even once. When you make a mistake, fix it immediately and show your customers that you are willing to change for them. Stay close to your customers, always keep track of, listen to and fix immediately what customers complain about. Some customers may say it directly to you, but there are some who can not say it because trying to keep your feelings, therefore, try to provide a small piece of paper and a suggestion box on the customer's desk so they can submit their complaints indirectly.

Use 5 WH questions: What, Who, Where, When, Why. These five questions will help you get an idea of what your customers are looking for. Add another important "How" question, what steps need to be taken to answer the five WH questions. Always follow each of these questions with How to find the right solution for each question.

3D Printing Business Gives Great Profits

3D Printing Business Gives Great Profits. New business idea using 3D Printer.
Have you ever heard of a 3 Dimension Printer? Now printing the design in the form of 3 Dimensions is not impossible. 3 Dimensional Printer is a fairly new technology so that business opportunities in this category will be very large. On average in big cities there are only 2 - 5 business services for 3D printing. Even in some cities still no one has started it. Of course this becomes a high value for those of you who may be the first to start a 3D printing services business in your city. Then what can we do with a 3D printer?

Here are 4 business options you can do using 3D Printers:

1. 3D Printing Services

Price 3D printer is still quite expensive if only used for a moment. Therefore, many people prefer to use 3D Printing printing services instead of buying the tool. This business is also good enough to run even if you are not very skilled in 3D design, you can open 3D Printing services with "no editing" notes.

2. Selling 3D Printed Accessory

You can also produce accessories such as key chains, wall hangings, sculptures, miniatures, etc. then sell them in retail which will certainly have a price that is more expensive than just selling 3D printing services. For modeling can be obtained from the site provider file. STL or 3D file format for free.

3. Unique Souvenir Products

Almost every day there will be an event in town, whether an event from an organization such as a meeting, or a private event such as a wedding. In such events the organizers will need unique souvenirs to be distributed to the audience. In this case you need to have the ability to design or hire experts in making 3D design because most customers still lay in 3D design.

4. Producing Your Own Innovation Equipment

The interesting thing about 3D printers is that you can make almost everything real. Especially if you have high creativity or you have other skills that can be integrated with 3D Printing products. For example, you can create your own radio with your electro ability, then wrap the skeleton and cover of 3D prints so that your product has different characteristics.

In addition to these four businesses, maybe you have a more creative idea in the utilization of 3D printers. Because almost all objects can be made easily and quickly using 3D Printer. How 3D printers work is actually quite similar to the 2 Dimensional printer only with the addition of depth so that the results obtained into 3 Dimensions.

The types of 3D printers that have been used in general today are:

1. Reprap 3D Printer

This 3D open source printer is quite popular because they carry a free firmware called Repetier, so many 3D printers can be made with a more affordable price. A well-known manufacturer of this printer is Prusa.

- Delta 3D Printer

As the name suggests This hexagon-shaped printer looks quite simple because it only relies on the motion of 3 driving motors that are in 3 main pillars to direct the position of the extruder on the right coordinates.
Reprap 3D Printer Delta Model
Reprap 3D Printer Delta Model

- Square Model 3D Printer

This model is pretty much in demand as it is easier to repair and modify or upgrade. By carrying the square shape makes the motion of the motor more freely in determining the point of extruder coordinates. In some types also have been equipped with auto leveling which means the base used for the printout will automatically adjust to the zero position of the design.
Reprap 3D Printer Square Type
Reprap 3D Printer Square Model

2. Factory Assembled 3D Printer

This 3D printer type is manufactured in order to obtain a quality that can be said better accuracy and smoothness of prints. Assembled types are usually created using special firmware so they have a much more expensive price than the reprap type. But this Assembled type is certainly easier to operate and get full support from the manufacturer when the printer has problems. One of the famous manufacturers in making this type of 3D printer is MakerBot.
MakerBot 3D Printer
MakerBot 3D Printer

With the increasingly sophisticated innovations of 3D printer developers, making the operation of the 3D Printer is quite easy even for the average user. However, there is one thing that is enough to be a constraint for optimum utilization that you must be able to make 3D design if you want to produce your own design product or make design according to customer demand. But if you can not or are too busy to re-learn about 3D design, you can hire freelance services or look for work partners who understand 3D design.

7 Things to Aware Before You Start Investing

Things to Know Before Start Investing. Investment tips for beginner.
Most of the people are still fairly new about how to start investing. Most people still rely on wage jobs to fulfill the needs of his life. Investment is very important to fulfill your needs in the future. With the increasing number of population, the growth rate of one's career in a company is getting slowed down. If several years ago the company still promises the right career for every employee, now the company is more dominant to take a new more appropriate educated employee to the field. In a company, it may need only 2-3 peoples as manager, while the number of employees under managers can be tens to hundreds of peoples. The competition among employees become tight. What if the company directly take managers from higher education level. So do you still expect a financial increase from your career?

Meanwhile, your wage increase every year just following the amount of inflation per year. Basically inflation occurs when the price of basic necessities is more expensive, it means your wages are actually not increasing, just following the price of basic necessities. Whereas in life, everyone’s needs will increased, if your wages are enough to support your single live today, then you have to support the needs of your wife and children, enroll children to school, and pay for other unexpected needs. This often makes parents more frustrated with their financial needs. If you feel it, then you need to start investing right now.

You may be able to save and set aside a little of your current spending to prepare for future needs. But again, your savings are not able to grow and are getting defeated by the inflationary growth that occurs. To fix this, you need to invest, whether it's in the form of a managed business, or through other forms of investment. So, how to start an investment that is right for your needs?

Here are seven things you need to look at before you start investing:

1. Know the Difference of Desires and Assets

Before investing, you should know the difference between a desire and an asset. Assets are things that have added value compared to their purchase price over time or every time they are used. Is buying a luxury car an Asset or a Desire? If you buy the car for everyday purposes then it is more considered as a desire because it doesn’t give you additional value, but the car can be an asset if you use for rental, travel, etc. Investing means you save Assets that have added value rather than just an ownership.

2. Know your investment fund from

In this case, you know it better how you get the money to meet your daily needs. You can use from savings, salary, bonus, or the results of side business that you do for investment funds. In the acquisition of an investment fund, we strongly discourage you from obtaining it from debt considering the risk of investing that may change at any time.

3. Set the income and basic needs

How much do you need to spend each month on your income? In general, investment experts recommend the percentage of investment funds as much as 10-20% of your current income. What if your residual income is less than that percentage? We recommend that you begin to rectify your need to save more. Such as reducing the cost of utility bills, telephones, etc.

4. The amount of investment budget

By knowing the amount of funds allocated for investment, then you can sort the form of investment in the budget. If your savings and budget are enough to buy a property, maybe the property could be one of your investment choices. If you want to invest in gold, that means your investment budget should be greater than the current gold price per gram. What if it is smaller than that? Actually there are still many other forms of investment today that are quite affordable like mutual funds, or other online investment without capital that you can read on Digital Asset for Online Investment.

5. Investment manager

It is important to note whether you will manage the Asset itself or with the help of an Investment Manager like in Mutual Funds. If you manage your investments privately, you do not need to pay another fee, but you need to study the investment form so deep to avoid losses. By utilizing the Investment Manager's expertise, you do not have to bother studying your investments so deep, but in this case you need to know and pay attention to the previous performance of the Investment Manager to entrust your asset management.

6. Choosing an investment based on risk and results

Choose an investment that suits your risk profile and goals. There is no definite investment, because investing involves a future that no one can really ascertain what happens in the future. But you can reduce this risk by studying past events to consider whether the investment is worth to have or not. There is a known principle in investing, "higher risk, higher profit", the greater the benefits you want to get, the greater the risk you need to control.

7. How to manage investments

How to manage the investment of each form of investment will vary, but there are some tips that are quite helpful for you:

- Diversification

The first thing we need to learn from experienced investors is not to put all your investments in the same Asset. Although the asset is quite promising, but as we know that nothing is certain in the future. By dividing the investment into several assets or known as diversification, then when one of your assets suffers losses, it can still be reduced by other assets.

- Timing

Choosing the right time when buying or selling your assets can have considerable impact. Do not panic easily when you hear bad news about your assets, search for the truth and impact first, before you make a decision. Believe in your point of view rather than the issues that others propagate.

Those are seven things you need to know before you start investing so that your investment goals can be achieved as expected. The best time to start investing should start now, the sooner you start, the longer you save the asset, the more profits you can get. Good luck.

How To Respond a Digital Transformation in Business

Strategies to respond digitial transformation.
Digitalization brings many changes in our lives. Almost everything we can get through mobile and internet network. This also gives an impact on the transformation of the business trend that was originally done conventionally turned into a digital transaction. Starting from the increasing number of online shops where sellers simply display the products in the website or forums of buying and selling in social media and buyers can easily find it, as well as make transactions on sale at that time.

Online Business Excellence

It is undeniable that technological developments are helpful and ease in obtaining a series of needs for everyone. Shopping online can save your time and travel costs. You do not have to travel to get a local product or imported product. Online business can reach the entire global region that makes it as a destroyer of market restrictions. In the global era of business, everyone can shop for any product, from which it has even been supported by global payment methods by various Banks worldwide through a digital account called e-wallet. In addition, you do not need to open a physical store which will reduce substantial operational costs. In the online business you do not need to keep waiting for your store. This benefit is widely used by employees to earn a side income.

Tips in running an online business

1. Looking for the best product suppliers

With the internet access can also facilitate you in finding suppliers for products you want to sell. You can easily search and consider various aspects such as quality, durability, security, duration and shipping costs. Low-priced products may be very interesting, but you also need to consider the cost of shipping, as well as goods tax (import) so that the product you sell really has a high economic value.

2. Market observation

You can also find out how tough the competition, looking for spaces that you can use as an opportunity. For example, when you want to open a 3D Printing business, you can find out how much your competitors are asking for the average price in the city and estimate what advantages you can provide to customers compared to them.

3. Prioritize service and convenience

Globalization also causes business competition to become increasingly tight. If a customer previously only knows your store, they may now find another store similar to your store with some other advantages and cause your customers to slowly abandon you. Therefore, superior service and ease will be a powerful weapon for you to win the competition in online business.

4. Highlights the uniqueness

In addition to service and convenience, we recommend that your business has a characteristic that your rival does not have. The uniqueness can be in the form of online store design, charity, community, logo with a certain meaning, or any other uniqueness that can increase the power of your brand. Because with the power of the brand can increase your rank in the eyes of the community and can increase the number of visitors and the number of customers.

Various kinds of online and supporting businesses to try in digital transformation era:

1. Reseller

While globalization removes market restrictions, re-selling a product can bring you great profits. Back at the points of convenience of transactions and services, this simple thing turned out to be of great value. For example, if you become a reseller of imported goods. There are several things that can be advantageous for you in running this business, among others: lack of knowledge of local people related to import systematics, fear of import taxes, and difficulty in making payments. Overcoming these problems can give your service more value.

2. Handicraft Manufacturer

If you have craftsmanship skills, now it becomes a valuable product for online shop users. Thanks to online services, now many local handicraft producers who can go international. The international market's interest in genuine handmade products is high because of the strength of cultural values, originality, and creativity. Or do you already have a handicraft business? Now it's time for you to create a website and offer your product to the world.

3. Graphic Design and Website Services

These two things are very important in online business. Without an attractive and user friendly look will make your website visitors want to get out of there. This is why the current Graphic and Website Design tariff rates become quite expensive. This is a very profitable business and will continue to grow with the increasing use of the internet today. Every day there are almost millions of new websites popping up all over the world. A little tips about this business, you should run it in a team.

4. Ads Publisher and Online Marketing

Another way to take advantage of the transformation of digital business is to become a publisher of advertising and online marketing that is quite in demand, because this business can generate passive income for you. The Google AdSense service is a top choice for ad publishers because of considerable revenue calculations compared to other similar services. In addition to being an advertising publisher, you can also try Affiliate Marketing that more or less have the same system, in which case you provide a direct reference without going through a ppc program like google AdSense and usually the fee for affiliate marketing is much bigger.

5. Courier

One of the weaknesses of online business is its reliance on delivery services. This is an excellent opportunity, although there is now a postal service, but the service has not yet reached all regions and economies. In some areas, the postal service operates only in the central city and has not reached the subdistrict area and to ship the product must by visiting the post office. You can take advantage of these weaknesses by providing mobile apps that provide local courier services as sellers & buyers intermediaries. Or the easiest way would be to promote your service at a local buying and selling forum on social media to find buyers and sellers who need your services.

Changes in the transformation of conventional business trends into digital business do bring great influence in changing the pattern of buying and selling in the community. With this transformation, it is hoped that the community can use it as a new business opportunity to support the domestic economy. Changing is not an easy thing, but hopefully, change can bring new opportunities in a better life.

Digital Assets For Online Investments

Digital Assets for Online Investment
Currently, it is inevitable that the whole world has penetrated into the digital world where all forms of transactions connected online through the internet media. Then can we take advantage of this change? For an entrepreneur nothing is impossible. We will discuss more specifically on different types of digital assets in online investments.

Although currently still quite rampant existence of online shop, even in social media we often find product endorse not only done by famous artists but also by various types of society. In fact, we can find auto like & follow services just to make the profile owner look famous that is not good enough to do branding for a new brand or start up company. So, to be able to benefit from this business is still needed the personal excess (interesting, lots of friends, funny, unique, strange, etc.), also free time and hard work. What about me who do not have the opportunity to focus on the business?

These are four types of digital assets for online investments that give you a high profit even if you no longer work on them:

1. Crypto Currency Investment

Crypto Currency was first discovered by Satoshi Nakamoto called as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is created with the hope that everyone in the world is free to transact without having to convert currency is quite harmful to some parties. With these dreams, lifting Bitcoin into the currency with the greatest value in excess of Dollar and Euro.
To get Bitcoin can be done in various ways. One of the easiest ways is to mine bitcoin online or referred to as cloud mining. Cloud mining can be regarded as a best digital investment today with a fairly short ROI (Return of Investment) in just 4 - 7 months. From the current cloud mining options and with the author's experience, we recommend investing Bitcoin mining on

2. Join an E-Commerce Affiliate

The second form of digital investment is to join the Affiliate E-Commerce by creating a web / blog about product reviews or making a copy of the product list by including an affiliate link so that when your blog visitors are interested in the product and shopping / sign up using your affiliate link then you will get a fee. You can get these affiliate links from various services. One of the favorite users of the dollar is from the Amazon site, or on other businesses that operate online. An easy way to build this asset is by creating an Auto Generate Content (AGC) website.

3. Ads Banner Publisher

The third income is to create a blog or Youtube channel to be associated with Google AdSense services. Although to obtain an AdSense account is quite difficult but the results are quite satisfactory because until now, AdSense is still the holder of the best ad publisher ranking of the universe. Because the ads are displayed in accordance with the results of calculations Analytic so that match the theme and the desire of readers to make income and the possibility of the ad is seen and the click will be greater. Each ad publisher will get a few dollars' payouts if a website, blog or youtube viewer sees and clicks an existing ad. Therefore if you find an interesting article on a website / blog or youtube video, you can thank the owner by clicking on the existing ads.
If you do not want to bother building a channel / blog to get an AdSense account, you can either buy it or request services from experienced bloggers. Of course you have to spend more expensive because to get a full verified AdSense account is not an easy thing. Once you have that account all you have to do is raise your blog / video. Keep your content up-to-date so your site will still be needed by people at any time.

4. Mutual Funds & Shares

The last option does look quite interesting because during this time many people assume that the share owners are only rich people. This assumption can be true can be wrong, because in fact the current number of shares per lot has been lightened to the previously rumored thousands of sheets now only one hundred pieces per lot (Indonesian market) so that the price of mutual funds and shares more accessible by small communities. Mutual Funds and Shares have the same model, which is the difference is in Mutual Funds, you are like saving on an institution that later by the institution, Your money is managed to be invested again, while on Shares, as you buy part of a company that issued the shares , so you are also entitled to receive company profits by the percentage of the number of shares you have.
By profit percentage, Mutual funds are considered to provide a greater percentage of profits depending on the increase in the price of the Mutual Fund. While stock prices more volatile but provide Return (profit share) periodically.

In terms of profits, Bitcoin investments into champions, in addition to easy to start, profits are also increasing. Immediately start investing your savings to earn your passive income.